Active… and improved!

Yup, Transdroid is still going strong… with a new release! Transdroid 1.1.3 can now be downloaded and brings you many, many bugfixes as well as a new active torrents view filter (both seeding and downloading), improve Transmission turtle mode, Shazam song share catching and (custom) coloured LED blinking on notifications!

Get it directly from or view the full change log.

36 thoughts on “Active… and improved!”

  1. Good stuff. Love the active torrents view. Now I’ll be checking my phone more than ever!

    Donation on it’s way. 🙂

  2. I just found this app googling for a good Android Transmission Interface. Yours is the only one that I could figure out how to add multiple hosts in, and also supports uTorrent. Killed 2 apps with one stone.

    By the way, and I could just have missed this, but does transdroid support downloading files from the host pc to the mobile device? uTorrent Remote and ATG do have this and it’s about the only functionality missing from your app. 🙂

  3. Best torrent app ever! Thanks a lot and keep up the great work.

    However, I am still getting the “error during communication with server” only when searching piratebay. I have updated both the transdroid and torrent search app to the latest. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  4. Hello!
    Nice work, been using this for a while.
    Is it possible to get RSS feed to use Magnet links instead of .torrent files? Maybe by some long press on torrent to get in the RSS list? I think especially of eztv and transmission.

    1. Hmm I suppose that could be handy. I might add that some time in the future (although I think most sites only do 1 or the other nowadays). Could you add a feature request for that in the issue tracker?

    1. It works just fine on Android 4.0+. WHat version of the app do you use? Send me an error report using the app’s menu option to get more detailed support.

  5. I updated on search of a fix for the big that’s been annoying me forever. I didn’t realize it had been pulled from the market so I was happy to find an update.

    But still none of the filter options work. If I sort by name it works but none of the others change the order at all or leave the torrents in a seemingly random order.

    This is with deluge and it’s been this way forever.

  6. Android 4.0
    Search works
    Add files to utorrent Do not work.
    Using exact same settings as my Old phone tried bo th 1.3 and 1.4.

    HTC one x

  7. Please use the error report menu option in Transdroid to provide me with some logs. Does adding via the web interface manually work?

  8. It’s working fine for me on ICS except for the alarms.

    I don’t get a notification for new torrents like I did on Gingerbread.

    It is enabled in settings, in case anyone was going to suggest that 😛

    Any ideas?



    1. Remember that you have to enable the general setting as well as the option in the server specific settings.

  9. I just reinstalled the apps on my phone and now get the error failed building request.

    I tried importing my old seetings and manually adding settings. Any ideas why I would get the error?


      1. “Error Report” option in menu requests an additional tool that isn’t available in my play store (T-Mobile USA).

  10. I got it installed. Got my server setup, so no more, failure connecting to server. However, now it blows up after looking like it connects the initial screen sweeps down, goes blank. Then the program suddenly ends. I’ve attempted to get to settings, but it auto connects on startup. So I’m stuck in this loop of crashing….

    1. Hi Mike. Sorry to hear that. Perhaps it’s a bug that was recently introduced due to new features. Hard to say with so little information. Can you send me and error report (from the app menu) or if that doesn’t work can you send me a mail with your details to

  11. Hi! Thanks for this great app I’ve been using it for years now, since the beginning. Now I changed phone to a Galaxy S4 (Android 4.4.2), and sometimes I get notifications, sometimes I don’t. I don’t know if it has to do anything with my manual checks and starting the app, maybe I’m not supposed to get notifications in this case. This makes sense, maybe I answered my own question here 😀
    Anyway, keep on going!

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