Setup guides

Download Transdroid (or view all releases)

Download Search Module (or view all releases)

Transdroid connects to the torrent client you have running at home or on your server. It typically does so by connecting to the (API of the) web interface of your client. For specific instructions with your client, click on your setup:

  • μTorrent
  • Transmission (coming soon)
  • qBittorrent (coming soon)
  • rTorrent (coming soon)
  • Deluge (coming soon)
  • Vuze (coming soon)
  • Aria2 (coming soon)
  • BitTorrent 6+ (coming soon)
  • Ktorrent (coming soon)
  • BitComet (coming soon)
  • tTorrent (coming soon)
  • Bitflu (coming soon)
  • Synology (coming soon)

For troubleshooting support, use the ‘Send error log’ option that can be found in Settings -> Transdroid help. Bug reports or feature requests should be filed as issue on GitHub.