Top speed boxes and updates

Just released: version 1.1.4 of Transdroid. This update foremost brings an update service that automatically checks for new versions of Transdroid or the search module. Runs on app startup or once a day. You will no longer miss out of bug fixes or new features. If you – for the last time manually – upgrade to 1.1.4 using, you just might get a cool notification to upgrade to search module verison 1.6, which brings The Pirate Bay fixes and a brand new Demonoid adapter. Thank Gabor Tanka of the great tTorrent app for that!

Also added is native support for SeedStuff seedboxes. Get one of their great servers and you’ll enjoy a Transdroid setup process that’s as easy as giving your server and user name and your password.

SeedStuff provides affordable quality seedboxes! SeedStuff is a service company, therefore we think that customer support is our #1 priority. We put our customers above all else and try to make your experience with us as simple as possible. We allow multiple methods of contacting support so you can pick how best suits your needs!

A great choice if you’re looking for a super fast seedbox, just as the other two seedbox providers that are supported natively in Transdroid: SeedM8 and Xirvik, of which the last has received upgraded support for the new shared rTorrent servers.

10 thoughts on “Top speed boxes and updates”

  1. Many thanks! I love thid app. No need to search many web sites anymore. Also looks better on my tablet.

  2. Hi, thanks for this great app.

    I just updated to the new version and now I can’t edit trackers any more?! The button was ocasionally missing before, but now I’ve not seen it on any torrent. Also there was a problem with the blank lines sparating the trackers. Hope you can fix this, it’s a very important feature to me.

      1. I’m using the latest uTorrent, and it did work with the prior version of Transdroid, though ocasionally the button was missing. Going back to the listing and reloading the details page of a torrent often fixed that. Now I haven’t seen that button on any torrents menu.

      2. Btw, if you can see my email, feel free to contact me that way. I’ld be happy to help fix this in any way I can.

      3. PPS: I just noticed I was totaly oblivious of the support forum …
        Sorry for spamming the comments 😉

  3. natively supports Transdroid as well. No additional setup or anything, they give you all the info you need right with your seedbox info.

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