Transdroid 2.2.0
– Dropped legacy Android support; Android 4.0.3 is the new minimum
– Added Default Server option
– Fixed list selection quirks
– Another language-related qBittorrent fix
– Copy RSS item or torrent file name to clipboard
– Properly disable FTP download option when not supported
– Support KitKat file picker and more file managers
– Many updated translations

Transdroid 2.1.4
– Show separate seeders and leechers counts
– qBittorrent 2.1.8+ fixes
– Xirvik shared seedbox support
– Remember the last-used filter (label or status type) between sessions
– Fixes label support and other small issues

Transdroid 2.1.3
– Support for new Torrent Search’s private sites
– Added optional auto refresh
– Allow larger .torrent file uploads with rTorrent
– Fix setting download location with Transmission

Transdroid 2.1.2
– Support for new Torrent Search’s private sites
– Added optional auto refresh
– Allow larger .torrent file uploads with rTorrent
– Fix setting download location with Transmission

Transdroid 2.1.1
– Improved handling of RSS feed read state
– Fixes Xirvik seedbox configuration
– Now available on F-Droid

Transdroid 2.1.1
– Fixed rTorrent connectivity with Digest authentication
– Easy setup for Xirvik and Seedstuf seedboxes

Transdroid 2.1.0
– uTorrent and Transmission connection stability improvements
– uTorrent and Deluge force data recheck
– Sort by download speed
– Server stats and pause/resume all actions on widget
– Option to treat formant (0KB/s) torrents as inactive
– Option for local port setting
– Fix for Torrentflux-b4rt installs in root
– Torrent and file selection improvements
– Many other small bug fixes

Transdroid 2.0.2
– Connection improvements for Bitflu and rTorrent
– Option to disable authentication
– Separate RSS notifiactions option

Transdroid 2.0.1
– Support for pull to refresh
– First Google Play release of the lite version as Transdrone
– First release as auto-update (now checked only once a day)

Transdroid 2.0.0
– Scrollable home screen widget (Android 3+)
– Allow changing of storage location (Deluge and Transmission)
– Allow file downloads via AndFTP
– UI improvements for Lite version

Transdroid 2.0.0-alpha4
– Fixed parallel command execution issues (primarily Transmission)

Transdroid 2.0.0-alpha3
– Added torrent search
– Setting of max. up/down speeds
– Update trackers and set labels (where supported)
– Background RSS and server checker services

Transdroid 2.0.0-alpha2
– Fixed Transmission adapter folder setting
– Fixed RSS feed screens
– UI tweaks

Transdroid 2.0.0-alpha1
– Totally reworked Holo-style interface
– Provide tablet interface on smaller tablets

Transdroid 1.1.15
– Synology NAS support, by Erwan Loisant
– Do not capture HTTP torrent links (to support private trackers)

Transdroid 1.1.14
(Beta release only)

Transdroid 1.1.13
– Fix crash on pre-Android 2.3 devices
– Sort ‘no eta’ torrents as last instead of first
– qBittorrent: improve version number parsing

Transdroid 1.1.12
– Option to disable app update checking
– Transmission: support non-Western characters in directories
– Deluge: don’t treat trackers errors as blocking
– Added Pirate Bay mirror search support

Transdroid 1.1.11
– rTorrent: fix crash with creationtime and non-i8 dialect
– Fixed picking up local .torrent files

Transdroid 1.1.10
– Updated translations (thanks to all translators)
– Special thanks Tom Briden for the following contributions:
– Name filtering of the torrents lists
– rTorrent viewing of labels (with ruTorrent’s plugin)
– rTorrent delete data when removing torrent
– rTorrent correct ‘added on’ time

Transdroid 1.1.9
– Added Bitsnoop to search sites

Transdroid 1.1.8
– Improved BitComet support, by Sergey
– Fix for non-English KTorrent
– Report Deluge tracker errors
– Sort by date added with uTorrent

Transdroid 1.1.7
– Transmission and qBittorrent bugfixes

Transdroid 1.1.6
– Added BitComet support, by Sergey (SeNS)
– Improved label support, by Alexey Rogovoy
– Added GZipped content support in RSS feeds
– Allow Deluge users to enter a password for HTTP authentication
– Support qBittorrent version 3.0.0 and up

Transdroid 1.1.4
– App and search module update checker
– Support for Seedstuff seedboxes
– Improve Xirvik shared server support

Transdroid 1.1.3
– View active (seeding or downloading) torrents
– qBittorrent: view trackers and bugfix for removal
– Transmission: get and display turtle mode status from server
– Blink LED on notifications and allow setting of colour
– Catch Shazam song sharing
– Removed BTJunkie
– Fix for setting download location
– Fixed barcode scanner
– Other minor bug and UI fixes

Transdroid 1.1.2
– UI bug fixes

Transdroid 1.1.1
– Critical Transmission 2.40+ bugfix

Transdroid 1.1.0
– Unified phone/tablet interface

Transdroid 1.0.4
– (Tracker) error reporting
– 4×1 widget fixed
– Customizable timeout per server

Transdroid 1.0.3
– Simplified multi-select
– Transparent 4×1 widget
– Removed all ads (and the READ_PHONE_STATE permission)

Transdroid 1.0.2
– ezRSS in search
– Turtle mode for Transmission
– Bugfix for Torrentflux in web root
– Bugfix for Transmission 2.30+

Transdroid 1.0.0
– Show trackers in details
– Improved torrent view selection
– Buffalo NAS (pre-uTorrent) support
– Display advertisements (optional)

Transdroid 0.22.3
– Directly add torrent when ‘sharing’ a link
– Fix RSS URL input
– Interface improvements
– Allow picking of import/export directory
– Support ADW Notifier counter

Transdroid 0.22.2
– Changing torrent download location (Deluge & Transmission)
– Vuze authentication (and other) bugfixes

Transdroid 0.22.1
– Froyo backup manager supported again
– Manually import/export settings
– Control service to perform server actions via intents
– Reworked RSS screen and settings
– Long-press refresh button to change interval
– Many ‘papercuts’ fixed

Transdroid 0.22.0
– qBittorrent support
– Improved Vuze support
– Magnet link support
– Sound/vibration on notifications
– Fixed alarm service

Transdroid 0.21.0
– SeedM8 seedbox support
– The Pirate Bay search
– Improved UI
– Support authentication-based RSS feeds
– Fixed label assignment
– Close details after removing torrent
– Fixed encoding bug adding by url with uTorrent

Transdroid 0.20.0
– Improved looks
– Widget auto-refresh- Server selection on widgets
– Allow creation of server shortcuts
– Show existing labels on assignment
– Share torrent links

Transdroid 0.19.3
– Android 2.2+ backup system
– Small bugfixes

Transdroid 0.19.2
– Bugfixes in the alarm service

Transdroid 0.19.1
– Added Monova search
– Fixed Portugees translation

Transdroid 0.19.0
– Check RSS feeds in alarm service
– Multi-select in RSS listing
– Queue torrents to add later
– Save searches as RSS feed
– Added date to search results
– Vertor search fixed

Transdroid 0.18.1
– Bugfixes for Android 1.5 devices

Transdroid 0.18.0
– Download and new torrent alarms

A full list of code and issue changes is available at the Google Code updates page.

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