New release, now with tablet UI

Freshly released at the Google Code site (or directly from It includes a bugfix for Transmission 2.42 or newer installs, but more notably an updated interface that scales to all phones and tablet screens. There are definitely some UX issues and possibility for improvement is big, but I didn’t want to wait longer with a new release.

New Transdroid tablet UI

Also just released is a small update to the Torrent Search library (directly available at to version 1.4. It has a small improvement to get The Pirate Bay’s .torrent links over the magnet links, while they’re still available.

Let me know about bugs you find in the issue tracker, so I can fix them for a next release. Transdroid development might be slow these days, but far from dead. 😉

13 thoughts on “New release, now with tablet UI”

  1. Eric- it is wonderfull!!!!

    Thankyou very much.
    I absolute love it.
    I was keen on waiting for new version handling new transmission.
    It worth ! 🙂


  2. this is by far the best remote torrent client available…terrible shme its not available on the android app store…torrent fu is rubbish …well done mate…keep it up…can’t wait for an update

  3. Is there a video tutorial on how to set this up? I was using DynDNS but they are no longer free. How do I setup Transdroid to start downloading to my home computer from my phone?

    1. Although there was a video that described the setup process in a quick way – made by a thrid party -, I suggest using the written setup guides at . It’s not a video, but it will get you through the process step by step. Also, you don’t need DynDNS. You can use that (or any similar service) if your external IP changes often, but you do not need it to get your setup working per se.

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