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I just released Transdroid 2.1.3. It includes bug fixes, such as for the rTorrent file upload restriction, but more importantly it supports the new Torrent Search 2.0. With the 2.0 release of the Search module I introduced support for private sites to function just as the public sites that were already supported nicely, fully integrating in the search feature of Transdroid and other apps.

When you open the new Torrent Search interface you can enable and disable public sites in case you are not interested in their content, and Transdroid will not show them in the search results. More importantly, you can provide the credentials to private trackers that you have an existing account for to get the same smooth search experience in Transdroid for your private sites.

Since every private tracker will have a different code and login method, support for each of them has to be custom build. Currently I only support IPTorrents and Bit-HDTV. If you have a private site that you like support for, you may either implement it yourself of course if you know some Java (you can use the IPTorrents class to start) and send me a pull request on GitHub. It is quite simple really. No coding skills (or lazy)? If you provide me with an account I might add it myself — although my time is very limited so I can give no guarantees.

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  1. Will there be a way to hide the search icon from the notification drawer so that there is not two of the same icons next to each other? I us the Google Now launcher and it does not have the ability to hide apps from the drawer.

    I love the new support for private trackers.

  2. I can’t use my already defined private trackers anymore because they are not listed in the new search module 2.0 even though they still are defined in Transdroid. This is suboptimal to say the least :/
    I like the idea of Search 2.0 but users should have an easier way of impending/adding their custom search url’s, just like you did earlier inside Transdroid, because having to code it myself in Java won’t work for 95% of your users. And giving you the login credentials is not ok for you (extra work) and might not be okay for the users too.

  3. Thanks for the reply Erik. I suppose they have to be separate for legal reasons. I have since started using the Xposed framework to install modules that can hide icons. This is a good route to suggest to future users with the same question.

    1. The actual reason is that it is easier to maintain the Torrent Search module (with quicker updates) and that other apps can re-use the search (tTorrent and Syndroid do that). I think it works very nicely this way.

      You framework seems very powerful, but more directed towards modifying system level apps. I am not so much trying to hide the search module (it is only installed for Transdroid users who installed via my website anyway).

  4. Transdroid 2.1.3 (and previous version) crash with qbittorrent 3.1.9 on ubuntu 12.04 (32 bit) with https.
    Any ideas?

  5. Hi! I’ve been enjoying transdroid for a long time, but this latest release broke setting labels on your torrents. The input popup doesn’t show at all. Please fix!

  6. Could you please add search support for It’s by far the best private tracker I’ve used (and I’ve used a few). If you would like an invite let me know.

  7. Hey Eric,

    Thanks for creating Transdroid.

    I’ve been playing with private tracker torrent loading to no avail and would like to make a suggestion please, that I think might simplify the issues around private trackers at least for the timebeing:

    Would a domain blacklist be worthwhile, wherein Transdroid doesn’t handle .torrent files for defined private tracker domains and instead just lets them download (and watches your download folder to then transfer to your torrent client)? Or alternatively, handles download to a dropbox-like folder that the remote torrent client watches and loads from itself?

    Without changes to Transdroid, I’d like to try the last option myself once I figure out how, but can’t because Transdroid keeps grabbing the torrent file on me 🙂


    P.S. – did anybody provide the invites discussed above to Torrentday etc? if not, please get in touch and I’ll do so.

  8. Torrentday support is included in the latest Torrent Search module release.

    Transdroid has to either handle .torrent or not, and there’s a clean advantage if it does (mostly for public trackers). Use long press on a link and download to download the torrent file to your device first (mostly for private trackers). Two alternatives exist too, newly to add the cookie in Transdroid so it can catch (blacklist if you will) clicked links and download them before uploading the files to your server and of course the new integrated private trackers support. I honestly think that should be enough! (Why use a Dropbox like system if Transdroid can download and upload the torrent file for you?)

  9. Hey Eric. I’ve been a user since before Froyo on my OG Moto Droid. Now I have a Nexus 4 and a couple other devices and I still cannot live without your app. 😉

    One minor verbiage issue I’ve noticed in both Transdroid and Transdrone is this: While downloading, each torrent will say “X OF Y LEECHERS”. While uploading, once download is complete, it reads “X OF Y SEEDERS”. Shouldn’t this be reversed? It’s a connection status, correct? It’s saying “connected to this many of this many of this type of peer”. If I’m downloading, I’m connecting to seeders, and I connect to leechers when uploading.

  10. Great job, i was planning to do what your app does with XAMARIN (don’t have time to learn android sdk) but you saved me a lot of time. Thanks man, i appreciate your effort. Your project definitely deserves a donation.

  11. I don’t know where to post this, Transdroid doesn’t really work with uTorrent, any build after 34944. Either the connection times out, or it manages to add the torrent, but doesn’t load them on the phone (connection error), or sometimes it doesn’t work at all. As soon as I downgraded to 34944, all worked fine. So if you have a minute to take a look… 🙂

  12. For me Transdroid is the almost perfect remote torrent app for Android!

    There’s one feature missing though: the option to edit a search term, or delete it and start over. A good example of this is the search function in the eBay app.

    Is there any chance this will be implemented in Transdroid?

    1. Click the small north-west pointing arrow next to a search term (when you have the focus on the search input field) to edit an old search query.

  13. Hi Eric , you’re doing a great job with Transdroid, but I’m facing trouble when trying to add new torrent files directly from the app. It always worked for me , but I think the problem appears after the last release.
    I use deluge 1.3.11, just updated from 1.3.6, but same problem with borh versions.
    Have you got any idea?

  14. Love the app. Finally got it set up to work correctly. Although there are still some bugs. Is there a way to donate to show my appreciation for your hard work? This is by far the best app for torrents. Why are you not on the play store though?

  15. Also is there anyway to get support for newer bittorrent clients? I swear I read somewhere that you only support up to 2.2.1. Any particular reason for this?

    1. To what client are you referring? I always try to (at least) support the latest version of every client. Sometimes this is work in progress. For specific bugs, please file a report on Github.

  16. I’ve downloaded the search feature but it appears IPTorrents is no longer supported. Am I missing something or has support been removed?

    1. This was removed as their site now uses Cloudfare DDoS protection with is incompatible with the way I was parsing their site content. Unfortunately they have stated that they do NOT want any app support their site natively and so no API or something will be made available. Sorry.

  17. I didn’t know about the edit search term feature. I always thought that was the only thing missing from the app. Great work!

  18. I was referring to the older utorrent clients like 1.6.1. I couldn’t get it to work when I was using utorrent. I have since moved on to Linux and rtorrent which is its own headache.

  19. Torrentleech search doesn’t seem to work for me anymore. Returns no results. Started happening about a month ago.

  20. Hey,
    First, thanks for your great job !
    Is it possible to add T411 in transdroid search in an update ?
    Because i red that we can’t add private trackers ourselves.
    Have a good day !

  21. Error when adding torrent file to remote web.
    java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: length=1; index=1
    at org.transdroid.daemon.Qbittorrent.QbittorrentAdapter.parseSize(
    at org.transdroid.daemon.Qbittorrent.QbittorrentAdapter.parseJsonTorrents(
    at org.transdroid.daemon.Qbittorrent.QbittorrentAdapter.executeTask(
    at org.transdroid.core.gui.TorrentsActivity_.access$801(
    at org.transdroid.core.gui.TorrentsActivity_$11.execute(
    at org.androidannotations.api.BackgroundExecutor$
    at java.util.concurrent.Executors$
    at java.util.concurrent.ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor$
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$

  22. Hi there! Everything works great with public torrents, I thought I did something wrong but I kept using private trackers. My favorite ones are and

    I have invites for both sites if you would be so kind as to add them I would really appreciate it! Please let me know what I must do to invite you (what email to use) and how I can pickup the updated Transdroid if you do make these private trackers usable. Thank you for your great app and hard work!

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