Big update, lots of fixes

UDATE: Transdroid does not support rTorrent with Digest authentication in this 2.1.0 release. I’ve fixed this for the next release, hopefully out at the end of this week!

Big update today to Transdroid and its little Play Store-cousin Transdrone. Most importantly it fixes MANY annoyances in both the UI and connectivity.

Using uTorrent, rTorrent, Transmission, Deluge, Bitflu, qBittorrent, Torrentflux-b4rt? Quite likely… and the new version should be quite a bit more stable for you. Moreover, Deluge has not support for labels (viewing and setting) and uTorrent and Deluge can force data recheck.

The UI has seen many little fixes like selection improvements, search input box that properly hides and much more. Remember the option to treat non-trasferring torrents as inactive in Transdroid 1? This is back: enable the ‘Treat dormant torrents as inactive’ option in System settings and every torrent that has no data transfer (0KB/s) going on will be listed as inactive. Especially useful if you have many seeding torrents that are not connected to any leecher. Finally, the widget now contains buttons for pausing or resuming all torrents on the server and can optionally show the server status statistics, that is, the number of and speed of your active uploads and download.

Perhaps your favorite feature is not here or you still have a poor connection? Add your issue to the GitHub issue tracker. Thanks!

27 thoughts on “Big update, lots of fixes”

  1. Thank god for this update. I was really wondering what was going on with the app since I was receiving A LOT of connection errors. Hope it’s more stable and I can continue to use my RSS feeds.

    This app is awesome in all its 2.1 glory. Great work.

  2. Can’t connect to rTorrent with ruTorrent RPC2 interface since the new 2.1 update!
    0.9.2/0.13.2 rTorrent / libtorrent
    ruTorrent 3.5 SVN rev. 2312
    Debian Squeeze

    Let me know if you need more informations!

  3. Can’t connect to rTorrent with ruTorrent RPC2 interface on https (on http works) with Transdroid 2.1!
    0.9.2/0.13.2 rTorrent / libtorrent
    ruTorrent 3.5 SVN rev. 2312
    Ubuntu 12.04

    My Transdroid configuration was import from Transdroid 1.1.15

    Need help

    Ps: sorry for my english

  4. I can confirm this is a SSL version problem. can’t connect to rtorrent via self signed SSL certificate anymore, regardless if I have the SHA-1 thumbprint or the (dangerous) “accept all certificates” configured.
    Like Clarissa my settings have been exported from latest v1 release and imported to v2.
    Please fix SSL support fast (also the RSS feeds don’t work with self signed SSL certificates anymore since version 2).
    Thanks πŸ™‚

    1. That might be because Digest authentication was no longer working. I’ve fixed this for the next release — soon to be released! If not, send me an e-mail using the Error report feature in System settings.

  5. I dont know anyone so far who managed to get this working with xirvik.

    also whats with the rtorrent support?

    1. Yeah its a pity it doesn’t work with xirvik especially as I thought they had sponsored the development in the beginning.

  6. In the previous versions the RSS feed showed the latest entry on the top, now the list is sorted reversed, it is alway on the bottom, if the list is long you have to scroll down. Can the list be sorted differently, I couldn’t find the option anywhere.

  7. I’m having an issue with a couple of my RSS feeds, all feeds imported from transdroid 1. All feeds work but a couple refuse to reset to zero which was not a problem before. An example is my shows feed from this causes continuous notifications when the feed has not altered.

  8. OK. Reading some of the other comments, it would seem my ‘air dates’ feed from showrss is an example of the reversed list mentioned above, but it still continuously keeps generating notifications. I don’t think the reversal and notifications are linked as the notification issue is repeated for another feed from completely different source but its not reversed.

  9. Please report bugs in the bug/issue tracker! The comments on blog posts are not a great way to track issues.

    Regarding RSS: I am going to work on it. The problem is with RSS feeds that do not provide a publish date for items as they should.

  10. Hi, really love transdroid, but could u please, please add the old widget to the new release!

    really much prefer it to just show what server is connected, nr of active dl/up and dl/up speeds, and a button to refresh ofcourse.

  11. Can’t connect to Deluge anymore.

    Deluge reports:
    [INFO ] 15:35:39 rpcserver:223 Deluge client disconnected: [(‘SSL routines’, ‘SSL3_GET_RECORD’, ‘wrong version number’)]

    SSL is not enabled in transdroid or the server.

  12. Could you please make selecting a torrent one-touch instead of long press? Also a button to select all. Thanks

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