Today marks a big day in the history of Transdroid. For the existing users, some of you who use Transdroid many, many years already, will receive an update notification for Transdroid 2, the first non-beta release. The whole UI has received an overhaul in true modern ‘Holo’ style fashion. Not only does this mean a more attractive and hopefully nicer to use app, but it also solved many interface bugs and makes the app ready for the future. This includes a modern widget, multi-select of torrents and files and much more. UPDATE: You can use the settings export and import feature to transfer your server, RSS and search settings.

But before we look into the future, a short trip to the past. Two years ago Transdroid was removed from the Play Store — then still called Android Market — and I am very happy to announce that today you can download Trandroid again directly from the official Android Play Store. Transdroid? Well, not exactly. To prevent potential problems I have decided that the Play Store version will not included torrent search and RSS feeds. To signify this clear difference I’ve given it a new name. Meet Transdroid’s little brother: Transdrone. Existing users who can live without integrated search, but more importantly new users who never heard of Transdroid, can now get a truly capable torrent manager right from the Play Store. And for those who love the search: the full Transdroid will always remain available right here. You’ll get update notifications right from the app.

Get it on Google Play

Where from here? Well, development will not stop, only calm down a little. There are some bits and pieces that Transdroid 1 has and the new version doesn’t — most of them will be added in due course. New stuff will appear too. Got some idea for yourself? Share it on the new issue tracker.

Finally: if you upgrade you might encounter some small issues in certain special cases. Don’t hesitate to contact me via mail or on the forums. Found a real bug/crash? Use the error report feature (now found in the system settings) or leave a log on GitHub.

39 thoughts on “Trans…what?”

  1. Looks good but appears to not work in anyway shape or form with a xirvik semidedi server guess back to the old version for me.

    1. I’ll add easy setup for sponsored seedboxes back in the next version. But before that happens, you can use your normal username/password and SCGI mount /RPC2 (if I remember correctly) or ask for help at Xirvik.

  2. When installing the new version through the download offered by the currently installed app (i.e. not the Play Store version) it gets installed alongside the currently installed version (version 1.x) and all settings are lost. Not sure if this is a feature or a bug but let it at least be a heads-up for others.

    You can still use the old version but you’ll keep getting an update notification.

    1. You can use the export and then in Transdroid 2 the import feature to fransfer settings. After that you can remove Transdroid 1 if you like (or disable the automatic update notifications for it, if you want to keep it around for a while).

  3. In addition to my previous post about not having the previous settings in this new version: the work-around is to export the settings in the old version and import them into the new.

    You might want to include this in your post(s) if this behaviour (including ending up with two Transdroid apps) is intentional.

    Two small issues spotted at first glance:
    – the change log list does not scroll
    – the download entries are quite large in height, could you consider condensing them a bit to have a better overview in a large list?

    For the rest: looking good! Many thanks for the hard work.

    1. Actually it depends on the torrent status but it used to be ~6 torrents in view and now it’s between ~5 and ~7. (On my Nexus 4 — there are obviously larger and smaller screens.)

      Regarding the changelog — I have to fix that.

  4. I am really liking the new version on my nexus 7, especially the wan/local connection choices. Manually typing in the ssid sucks, but otherwise good. Only thing I miss is the built in “greater than 0kb/s” filter.

  5. I have trouble installing the new version (both, app and search) via the download on my Galaxy S2. It says “file cannot be opened”. Could it be possible that the new UI is not compatible with the S2?

  6. Can I just say a big thanks to the team for adding the check box to enable the old dark UI color scheme. I know it’s a little thing, but I really find the white backdrops that are becoming very popular to be too bright for low light level conditions and are harder to view in bright daylight. I wish more coders took the time to add that simple option so that the user can decide which they prefer.

    And congratulations on a great upgrade to the app!

    1. It’s not really simple, in their defense, but I agree that there are many users who hate dark themes. I like them myself though, so hence the option.

  7. Is there a way to turn on notifications for downloads/additions only and exclude the RSS notifications?


  8. Looks awesome!! But I can’t find anywhere the option to set download location for torrents. In the previous version all I had to do was long press on an existing torrent and select “set download location” but now I don’t see that option anymore…

    1. Open a torrent and use the disk button in the bottom of the screen (or in the overflow menu with three …). Only for supported torrents clients of course (Deluge and Transmission, from the top of my head)

  9. Yes, tried the github link as well. Seems like I’m the only one having issues with the files. Must be something with my Android. I’ve never had trouble updating before, though.

  10. New update is great but I seem to have some issues with the RSS feeds, I have three different sites I use and one works perfectly, one keeps the new torrents ordered in alpha so the new ones can appear anywhere on the list and one of them has them all as new all the time even right after viewing them all. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing anything like this.

  11. Great release Eric and congrats.

    2 things…

    1. Adding multiple torrents fails after selecting more than 3 in a batch and crashes the app. I emailed you a crash report.
    2. After assigning a label to a torrent, the app will not allow me to go back and edit it, if I typo something. I have to remove the label and add a new one. Older app version allows label editing. I use labels a lot and I’m also a horrible speller so lack of an edit option is huge for me.

    That’s it for me… Thanks again for the great work and congrats again on the release.

  12. Awesome release

    Some feedback
    – Get a donate button or app so we can contribute financially
    – I get a lot of Access Denied, not sure if it is just timeouts due to the fact I use DDNS to access my server (uTorrent)
    – the font height is too high, it is not easy to read
    – when searching, it keeps highlighting some results automatically
    – should be easier to access the Label option

    Otherwise awesome release!

    1. There’s a donate button on the homepage of this site! (Or just use PayPal to send to 🙂

      uTorrent is pretty stable for me actually. Bot sure what would be wrong there.

      The font… well a matter of preference perhaps? What device do you use (i.e. does it have the new Android 4.2 fonts)? Does it look like the screen shot on this site?

      What do you mean easier to access the label option. It’s right there in the bottom, no?

      1. I don’t see any label options and I miss the ability to swipe between labels. Am I missing these options somewhere? Thanks

        1. Swiping between labels is not implemented. I am thinking of the best way to do so =. WIll be in some future release.

          Labels only work for uTorrent (and partially for rTorrent and Deluge).

      2. I’m also getting constant Access Denied messages, but after a few it will connect. Such a nuisance when I’m trying to add a torrent from another app, as it will cancel the handoff and say access denied, then suddenly it will connect but not have passed the torrent info through. Have to go back and forth until the Access Denied message doesn’t appear. Any chance there’s a timeout setting that can be increased?

      3. Just to elaborate, the error message I get is ‘AutheticationFailure exception: Response was invalid request instead of a proper JSON object (and we used auth token null)’, but then it will suddenly connect just fine.

  13. Getting error during communication check your connection with new version..
    While the old version is still working. Deluge server

    I did manage to get the new version connected one single time so it’s not the server settings

  14. Small update on my installation issue: I’ve been able to install the new version with an app called Apk-installer. Not sure why the built-in installer denied opening your apk. Great job on the new version btw. 🙂

  15. Where is the refresh interval ? Also it does not seems to be refreshing unless i do a manual refresh.I have installed the mobile version as i could not get the tablet version.

  16. I am a Seedstuff user and will be looking forward to your new version with included setup. I have looked for a way to turn off notification of new version on 1.1.4 and been unable to find it. I love this app but constant reminder is driving me nuts.

  17. Transdroid 2 is a complete nightmare. I have tried to set it up for my xirvik account multiple times, on multiple devices over many months. I have tried every version released… I have NEVER got it to work.
    Each time i default back to the final release of version 1 and it works first time everytime.

    Please sort it out!

  18. Hi, great little app. Used to work fine on my s6 but since a few days, even though the app connects to the server fine (I can see current download tasks), I cannot add a new download from the app. Torrent search has module is installed. Search process is fine and I can see search results, but clicking on a result to add it to the download tasks does nothing… (I still have a confirmation message appearing at the bottom of the screen, but no torrent is actually added).
    I have tried unistalling reinstalling numerous times to no avail….
    What gives?

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