Download and installation

Transdroid is currently unavailable in the Android Market. However, you can get it directly from the Transdroid GitHub releases site, where all Transdroid versions are available. On your device you may use the short URL:

To use the search feature in Transdroid you also need the Torrent Search library from the Transdroid GitHub releases site, or directly:

Installing Transdroid and connecting to your torrent device is not difficult, but there are some crucial steps to it in order to get it working. To get a guide specific to your torrent client, please choose the operating system and torrent client below:

Windows guides
BitTorrent 6
Mac OS X
rTorrent SVN version
Deluge 1.2+

More clients are supported than listed here: check the app. Is your torrent client not yet supported? Transdroid is in constant development. You might want to see it is already requested as a feature or make your own request on the issues website.


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  1. douche mcgee says:

    Awesome looking app, I can’t wait to get it working.

    Here is my issue:

    I can get it to work locally, but when I change the IP to what I get on whatismyip it will not connect. I think it is NAT’d but I don’t know. When I run my G1 on my wifi it comes up with the same IP as my laptop… My port for utorrent is open.

    Any ideas? Sorry if this is a n00b question, but I have tried everything I can think of… Thanks.

  2. Eric Kok says:

    It is important to know that you should use the internal IP of your server when you are connected with your local wifi. You can find it on Windows by viewing the connection details. You’ll have to use your external IP when not connected to your local network e.g. to 3G. Make sure you use the correct IP, by accessing your web interface using the browser on your G1, as described above.

  3. Tse says:

    for some reason my g1 wont connect (running on 3g, wifi is turned off). ive tried both my internal and external IP addresses but it stays at “trying to connect to server…” without actually connecting

    ive tested my setup on my computers browser and it worked, so the web UI thingy should be installed correctly.

    im a noob at this kind of stuff but through trial and error ive gotten this far, any help would be appreciated

  4. Eric Kok says:

    Remember to open the port on your router/ADSL modem to allow incoming connections. If you can access the web interface on your Android mobile browser, Transdroid should also work. Always use your external IP address when not connected to your local wifi network.

  5. Justin says:

    Can’t get it to connect… I’m guessing its because I installed the MiniUI?
    No connection on 3G, nor WIFI/WIFI internal

  6. Eric Kok says:

    If you cannot connect to the uTorrent web interface, Transdroid will not work as well. First fix this. You can find all the help and documentation for it at

    I am not familiar with the MiniUI. If it means that you do not have access to the regular web interface (that has the needed RPC support), it will indeed not work.

  7. Tse says:

    opening the port was indeed the problem. it now works perfectly

    i also used my new found knowledge to get viewvnc to work. thanks a bunch Eric

  8. Jamie says:

    It works….but even though I know all the torrents in my uTorrent are completed, they’re all reporting a status in the app (Transdroid) that they’re waiting for download/verify local data :-S

    Android 1.5\HTC Magic here.

  9. Justin says:

    I installed from the market, and Transdroid immediately force closed on launch. I restarted my phone, and the app still will force closes the moment it tries to launch. I even tried disabling wi-fi in case the app only works over Edge/3G. No such luck.

    This is vanilla non-rooted Android 1.5 on a G1.

  10. matt says:

    market says this supports rtorrent. if so how is this supported please provide instructions.
    Thank you,

  11. Mott Drizzle says:

    Where on the website can I get a detailed set of instructions on how to do everythang to set me up for success

  12. justin says:

    works really well! nice app, looks good. i love the search options.

  13. Franky says:

    By any chance do you have a rough estimate on when a Transmission/Mac configuration will be available?

    • Eric Kok says:

      As of the moment I do not have a Mac to create the screenshot on, but you can use the Transmission/Ubuntu guide for now since the setup process is exactly the same (apart form how to install Transmission itself).

  14. hank says:

    on the url do i download any of the sites like adobe or roms . sorry for the odd qustion. Do I really get to downlad from the url on to mi fone

  15. serya says:

    My primary use case using the app is transmitting .torrent files downloaded from the web browser to my torrent-box. I’m satisfied with almost Transmission Web UI (it actually richer than transdroid UI), but automatic handling torrent files is really useful.

    I’d like to see the following options:
    1) deleting .torrent file when it’s uploaded,
    2) returning to the browser after uploading the torrent file (not a big issue – I can push the back button).

  16. Tony says:

    Thank you

  17. lee cohen says:

    I cant seem to figure out how to search my private torrent. I use Can you please assist?

    • Eric Kok says:

      This is a private site so I cannot acces it. However, just do a search with your Android browser on ‘ubuntu’, copy the page URL, add a new web search site in Transdroid’s settings and paste the URL in the setting. In this URL setting, change the word ‘ubuntu’ to ‘%s’ (without the quotes. Don’t forget to enter a name.

  18. albert says:

    Hello I’m a newbie so this might be noob question but can u provide the step by step Instruction on how to use transdroid bcause when I use it it says press settings. Menu and enter your daemon

  19. Eric Kok says:

    Well just click on one of the links on this page to get your OS and torrent client specific guide. :)

  20. jimmy says:

    If follow directions and http://localhost:8080/gui still not working. If your uTorrent is version 1.8.5. step 1 Go to preference, web UI box, uncheck enable web ui box, click apply.
    step 2. Go back to preference, check web UI box again, Change your user name and password, then apply and it should work now

  21. JASON says:


    • Eric Kok says:

      Well, you arrived at the right place! Just click on the link for uTorrent under Windows and a full install guide will present itself. :-)

  22. Jamie says:

    Seems to have alot of potential! However. I am having a problem on my HTC G2 ( Hero )

    I can connect locally on my computer and on my handset @ ( ) however, I can not connect using my external IP with either wi-fi turned on or off. It just gives me the connection to server error.

    I’m using:
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64x
    μTorrent 2.0.1 Beta (build 18284)
    HTC G2 non cracked.

    Help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Jamie says:


      Maybe you could get some forums up and running, would make it alot easier when people are asking questions and stuff.

  23. Eric says:

    Are you ever going to support bitcommet? Would like to know thank you

  24. Rolcol says:

    Does this version allow magnet links to be sent to Transmission?

  25. teresa says:

    I’m obviously not computer smart! My question is this-How can Vuze show a bittorrent downloading but the little arrows that turn during download are not rotating? Could you e-mail me the answer? Totally and completely grateful for any help. I am in the process of figuring out seeds and peers and learning what bittorrents are and all of that.

    Many Thanks,
    Teresa Smith

  26. Jason says:

    I’m having a problem using a Xirvik server on my droid. Transdroid installs fine, but as soon as I add my server and exit settings, it force closes. Then every time I try to start it, it instantly force closes.

  27. kalyan says:

    Will u plz tell me the setting steps to get it working, it gives error,can’t connect.I set my ip and port 8080.plz tell me where I am getting wrong.I just want access it on my samsung spica.responce appretiable.

  28. David Golden says:

    I have set up a no-ip address( so I dont need to keep track of my ip addresses. Should this present a problem? I can not connect to vuze from transdroid on a moto backflip. I followed the guide by installing and setting up the XML over HTTP plug in as your guide describes. I have set up port forwarding in my router. Set up my firewall to allow access to port 6884 by mimicking the firewall rules already in place for vuze. However, my transdroid refuses to connect to vuze. If I try my domain via my LAN, it brings me to the router set up page. Any ideas where to start?

  29. Alex says:

    I couldn’t get it to work because it wasn’t obvious I needed to select my type of bit torrent client. There should be some sort of error message or form validation to tell them what step they left out. As it was, it just kept telling me to go to the settings, but would never connect to my server because it didn’t know what kind it was. Very frustrating.

    Works fine now.

  30. Eric Kok says:

    What error do you get in transdroid? Can you send me an error report using the menu item in Transdroid also, do you see any meesages in Vuze’s XML over HTTP plugin log output window?

  31. Eric Kok says:

    Can you please send me an error log using Transdroid errer report function? Have you checked your port forward?

  32. Ramon Duarte says:

    Hi Eric,
    Great application! But got some problems.
    I have no problems connecting to the BT client. I can see the running torrents and their progress gets updated. But I cannot add any new torrents or pause or cancel the ongoing downloads.
    Deluge 1.2.2 on Ubuntu Karmic, Transdroid 0.15.3, HTC Nexus One w/ f/w 2.1-update1

  33. Eric Kok says:

    99% sure this is because Deluge is started by some user that doesn’t have sufficient rights on your system. Please try to start deluge manually and give it a new try you should be able to see any errors being logged by deluge if something fails (you might want to start it from the terminal to get this directly outputted.)

    • Ramon Duarte says:

      Hi Eric,
      What I meant was I could not do these things using Transdroid. But if I used Deluge UI or Deluge WEBUI, I am able to.
      For example. I used Deluge WEBUI to add two torrents. I could see that they were downloading fine. Then I used Transdroid to connect to Deluge. It connected right away and I could see the two torrents. The progress bar was also updating. I then tried to pause one of the torrents using Transdroid. Transdroid says it’s paused but it’s not paused on the Deluge WEBUI. And when status is refreshed on Transdroid, it changes back to downloading.
      Could this be because of the rights?

      • Eric Kok says:

        Can you send me an error report using the menu option in Transdroid? If you don’t see an error message in Transdroid than the problem is with Deluge’s web UI, but I can always take a look.

        Have you tried taking a look at Deluge’s log output?

  34. nate says:

    Is there a way to sort by ‘date added desc’? This is how I sort my torrents in utorrent and find it the most helpful default view when you have a massive list.

    • Eric Kok says:

      That depends on your torrent client. If this supports it, you can sort on the ‘date added’ using the filter menu. Click it a second time to reverse the sort ordering.

  35. Scuba says:

    works perfect..thanks

  36. htc hero says:

    Does anybody know which type of video recordsdata are supported? I remember the Intuition only could dl 3gp using opera mini. I downloaded the twist ap, maybe that’s the problem? How can I watch videos from websites other than youtube? Which file varieties? Usually I am given the choice of 3gp or mpeg4. Cannot get either to work. Thanks on your time! Rattling I want I was eligible for the upgrade to EVO!

  37. jones says:

    Please I don’t really have a pc but I use HTC hero which runs on Android, can I use the transdroid to download torrent files completely from my phone?

  38. Reputation says:

    Is there anyway that i can set up a search through demonoid?

  39. Eric Kok says:

    You can set yup a web switch site using the Demonoid url.

  40. BostonPablo says:

    Great app, I will be getting the donation version shortly! Looking forward to future updates :-)

    Runs flawless on my HTC Droid Incredible (android 2.1), Utorrent 2.x, and Windows XP Pro machine.

    Keep up the good work!

  41. MY STADY says:

    Found a bug. When you click on the transdroid icon of a transdroid widget you’ll be taken to the app but the “Trying to connect to the server…” message will display forever. Hitting refresh will make it go away though. I tested from a solid wi-fi connection at home.

    ALTERNATIVELY, if you click on the transdroid icon created as a shortcut, you’ll be taken to the list every time. I think this method is doing something different because I noticed it says “Torrent list refreshed” after the list is populated.

    Otherwise, I love this app. Thanks for the hard work.

    Any chance of getting Google checkout as payment method to donate? Paypal makes me nervous, sorry. :(

  42. Kay says:

    So..I just installed on my samsung vibrant but so confused on how to get started. Help??

  43. gaurav says:

    hi all…..unable to use this application….i dnt know how to estabalish a server connection….

    plz help

  44. John says:

    Everytime I enter my external IP address into the IP or Domain Name box, it says “Input is not a valid IP address or host name”. I can connect using the same IP address via the http://(my ip address):(my port)/gui/ and it works beautifully. Can someone help me get this working? I used this app earlier this year before having to have a phone replacement and it worked fine.

    • Eric Kok says:

      Only enter the numbers of your IP address, seperated by dots. So, for example, 1921.68.1.2

      Do not enter ‘http’ or ‘:’ or the port number in that box.

      • John says:

        That’s exactly what I did, but same message. any info you need from me to see what’s going on?

        • John says:

          I have a droid eris with root running kaos froyo v35-1

        • Eric Kok says:

          Make sure there are no spaces at the beginning, end or halfway the ip address.

          If that still does’t work, send me your ip address ( and I’ll give it a try.

          • John says:

            That did it! For some reason, whenever the “.” is pressed it puts an automatic space after it!

            Thanks bro! Awesome app BTW!!

  45. mecho says:

    I don’t have a computer…. only my android phone, mytouch. Does this mean I can’t use this application ?

    • Eric Kok says:

      Transdroid can only control a running torrent client on some remote computer. It can not download any files itself.

  46. Meidey says:

    Hi, I love your app, and it runs great, but I have some problem with RSS. Some of them work fine, but from some I get error at line,column… not well formed ( Invalid token ) Is there somewhow I can fix this?

  47. Adam says:

    I just installed Transdroid on my G2. It works flawlessly when I am connected via WiFi but I can’t get it to connect when I am on HSPA / Edge / 3G, etc.

    I opened port 9091 in my firewall / router settings and even put it in DMZ mode where it opened them all up.

    Each time, it says ‘Trying to connect to the server’ and eventually fails.

    I am using Transmission on my MacBook Pro. IP / Domain Name I have set to my physical IP address, port is set to 9091, authentication is enabled and typed properly, Server OS is set to Mac.

    Any ideas? Like I said, the WiFi works fine but I can’t connect using anything but that.



  48. kent says:

    help me how to use it and set it up step by step pls tnx.. my phone is sony ericson experia x10 android

    • Eric Kok says:

      All the install instructions are right here on this page. Just select the torrent client that use use.

  49. Alex says:

    I am having the same issue, can connect through wifi, but not through 3g etc.
    please help
    all ports open including 8080

    • Eric Kok says:

      If it works on wifi and not via 3g then probably the problem is in your port forward. Make sure your phone is not connected to your local wifi and set to use your external ip.

      If you need help with the port forward, e-mail me at with a screenshot of your port forwarding interface on your router. Maybe I can see what’s wrong. You should never ‘open ALL ports’!