Turning to cupcake

After the buzz about cupcake, or just Android 1.5 as it’s officially called, it is finally being rolled out to regular users around the world. My G1 just got its over-the-air update today, actually. Time to test Transdroid of course!

Luckily, everything works fine without a single change. Still, I upgraded the source code to the new SDK development tools and later on I might focus more on newer, 1.5-specific features. For now there are some improvements for all platforms.

Some bugs are fixed, for example searching from the search results window (maybe you mistyped something). More importantly rotating your device’s screen doesn’t result in a possibly long new fetch of torrents on your server. And pausing, resuming and removing of torrents feels quicker by changing the list immediately. Although these aren’t technically performance improvements, the user interface will feel a little more responsive. And now that even G1 cupcakes (optionally) have an auto-rotate using the accelerometer, that’s good news.

The new version can be downloaded from this site of course. It’s called 0.6.0 and looks something like this:

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