Installation and usage screencast

Even though I believe the Transdroid is pretty self-explanatory, it might be nice to see the installation and usage process in action. The next video shows how easy it is to install Transdroid on your own Android device and shows some basic features of the app as well. (When the cursor is out of the visible area, I’m hitting the menu or Back button.)

[vimeo w=320&h=480]

Maybe this helps some people out or convinces you to give the app a try.

3 thoughts on “Installation and usage screencast”

  1. You, sir, are a kickass individual. Finally an app I actually want to use. I am so f’ing tired of openhome and ahome themes and icon packs, flashlights, twitter crap, etc… about time someone did something useful!

  2. I love the app and the idea behind it. Even if it doesn’t reall serve me much use. I don’t exactly want to switch to Deluge or rTorrent when you finally add support for it.

    I’m a Linux user for the most part, my favorite torrent client has and always will be kTorrent. It’s very much like uTorrent but better in every way. It has a WebUI also, so I would love to see you to add kTorrent to Transdroid. Then I would use it multiple times every day.

    Till then, I’m stuck using BarTor. Which isn’t exactly the best, but it gets the job done for what I need. Sticking to it because of the kTorrent support.

    If you plan on adding kTorrent support, please send me an e-mail and let me know or something. I would be willing to pay for this app if it had kTorrent support. That’s how bad I need to be able to use this app. Keep up the great work, hope you add support for the client I need some time soon.

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