True progress (bars)

Just release; the new Transdroid version 0.5.2. Besides some minor bug fixes, it has these improvements:

  • Better progress bars. Not only do they take up less screen space and have nice (and meaningful) colours – just like the Transmission web interface – but they also give a better indication of the real progress. Including on incomplete paused torrents.
  • Resuming and pausing of all torrents now works for µTorrent as well.
  • Adding of torrents via URL works again.
  • Better error reporting. It should be able to recognise some common errors – like entering wrong credentials – and give you a nice message about it. Could still be improved though.
  • Some search result settings introduced. You can set the number of results and the type of sorting.
  • Shows you the Transdroid version number you are using in the title bar. 🙂

I believe this gets really close a a first non-beta version. Thanks to the testers so far. Please let me know if Transdroid works for you or if you’re missing any features.

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