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Transdroid 2.5.1After a long time of some mere bugfixes, following by a long time of slow work on the promised refresh… Transdroid 2.5 is finally here!

The obvious change in the new Material design. Both light and dark themes are now styled in the design language that was introduced in Android Lollipop. While more is to come, the app should feel a little more modern in both graphical appeal and feel. As always, feel free Transdroid on GitHub!

Under the hood I have solved an array of bugs and incompatibilities. User of rTorrent, qBittorrent or Aria2? The new versions should be compatible with the latest and greatest of your favourite torrent client. Translations have been updated too. The Search Module was also improved. Several private and public trackers have been added for your direct search pleasure.

Transdroid 0.13 from 2009Finally, for now, I am updating the website and documentation. Some of it is from 2009 still. And I think you’d agree that SOME things have changed since then…

27 thoughts on “Material is here”

  1. This update is beautiful! Slightly preferred the lighter green of the older version but the darker feels more consistent. Well done. And thank you for your hard work on one of my few must-have apps.

  2. Looks pretty awesome!
    What I would like to ask, where can I ask you to add support for Would love to use your Search Modul!

      1. I see. Well they got some dns problems the last days. I will comment again when they are fully up.

  3. When you highlight the save location (to try and copy or paste) while browsing a specific torrent the buttons have the same color as the background, making the copy / paste buttons invisible

    this only happens in 2.5.x not 2.3 and previous versions

  4. Great work with the new design.
    But after the latest update, the widget no longer work for me. When I try put it on my start screen a dialog says “Transdroid has stopped” and n “OK” button.

    Also, is it possible to add in private trackers?

  5. Hi, Love this application, however when I try to add the Widget it crashes ‘Unfortunately Transdroid has stopped’, I’m running a hacked Samsung on CyanogenMod, the old version used to work with no issues, just seems this is an issue since the upgrade..



  6. Thanks for the great work on this great product. I run transdroid 5.1 on my S4 phone with no issues, but am not able to use the widget on my Kindle 8.9 running CM12 (Android 5.1) mods. Trying to place the widget crashes Transdroid 5.1. Transdrone widget works fine on the Kindle but I miss the search.

  7. Awesome stuff. Any chance download location support for rtorrent is coming soon?
    Thanks for the nice work as always.

  8. Hi Eric,

    This update looks really good and I’v been happily using transdrone for over a year now. But somehow I cannot search torrents like I used to. I don’t see any search icon, also not under the + sign, where you can add torrents. It must be me, but it’s driving me crazy. Could you tell to me how to search for torrents in this version? (I have the transdrone search apk also installed and using a HTC-M8)

    1. Search (and RSS feed support) is only available in the full version of Transdroid, not in the Play Store-only lite version called Transdrone. You can grab it here from the website using the link on the left!

  9. Nexus 5 with android marshmallow 6.0 can’t read torrent file, had to switch to the old 2312 version.

  10. Hello,

    I have no problem on my old seedbox with rTorrent 0.9.4 and Transdroid 2.5.5.

    But I just setup a new server with rTorrent 0.9.6 and Transdroid 2.5.5 gives me a connection error.
    My server is https only, with httprpc activated, and digest auth. My SSL certificate is an approved one (from Letsencrypt).
    On Transdoid, my settings are correct (SCGI: /rutorrent/plugins/httprpc/action.php ; SSL:yes ; Accept all SSL certs:yes; port:443)

    When looking in Apache logs, the authentication seems to work properly (code 200) : - - [27/Dec/2015:00:32:40 +0100] "POST /rutorrent/plugins/httprpc/action.php HTTP/1.1" 401 3827 "-" "Transdroid Torrent Connect" - user [27/Dec/2015:00:32:42 +0100] "POST /rutorrent/plugins/httprpc/action.php HTTP/1.1" 200 3675 "-" "Transdroid Torrent Connect"

    In Transdroid, the connection error is not obvious to understand :

    3423 -- Sun Dec 27 00:32:42 GMT+01:00 2015 -- 3 -- de.timroes.axmlrpc.XMLRPCException: Error getting result from server.
    3424 -- Sun Dec 27 00:32:42 GMT+01:00 2015 -- 3 -- ConnectionError exception: Error making call to d.multicall2 with params [ main d.hash= d.state= d.down.rate= d.up.rate= d.peers_connected= d.peers_not_connected= d.... ]: de.timroes.axmlrpc.XMLRPCException: Error getting result from server.

    Any idea of what is going wrong ?

    1. If you have a properly approved SSL cert, do not enable the ‘Accept all SSL certificates’ option in Transdroid. Anyway, that is not the problem here. Hard to tell from just this, it looks like the server is not properly responding (unexpected returned data or format). Could you contact me at for some help?

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