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One of the longest standing feature requests in the issue tracker was to add support for Synology NAS‘ Download Station. With many thanks to Erwan Loisant I can now finally close this issue, because any Download Station 3.40 or newer can now be accessed by Transdroid. Obviously it doesn’t support the full feature set like rTorrent or Transmission, but the basic stuff works great. Many, many thanks to Erwan for the excellent code!

Quite some users has issues with links to torrents that Transdroid directly tried to add to the server (by sending the URL). This isn’t compatible with sites that use authentication, notably private trackers. I’ve decided to remove handling of http torrent links at the moment. This means an extra click (on the downloaded .torrent file) for users of public sites, but it’s the lesser of the two evils I suppose. By the way, if you get ‘Can’t read .torrent file’ messages, close Transdroid fully (with the back button or slide the running app thumbnail) and try again.

Also I would like to make public that I am working on a new, improved UI for Transdroid. So don’t expect much updates to the current version, instead I’ll let you now when there’s a new alpha release. I’ll post a screen shot soon.

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  1. does this mean that magnet link support has been removed entirely? Or are http downloads something apart from magnet links? pirate bay pretty much only uses magnet links these days, with no option of .torrent files…

  2. No magnet links links still work. Http links also work but you download the torrent file first before starting it with Transdroid to add to your server.

  3. Great work! One of my most usefull apps 🙂
    However downloaded torrents (priv tracker) dont seem to be added after clicking on the dl-ed file. Does switch to app but nothing happens.

  4. Synology NAS can run Transmission and other apps to completely replace the less configurable Download Station. Thanks anyway. 😀 Best torrent app.

  5. Outstanding! I never liked having to use Synology’s own special app to add torrents to Download Station. I just tested with with my DS1512+ running the latest DSM and it worked great, even over my forced SSL connection. Great work. I’ve been a long time use of Transdroid and it is great to see it alive and well and still adding useful features.

  6. So it looks like the forums are all messed up and I want to ask a question.

    I installed Transdrone yesterday and had it set up and working both at home and remotely with my Synology. Minutes ago it stopped working and the error is that there is a problem with the connection. I’ve checked the status of my devices and see they are all live and have even rebooted my NAS, phone, router and modem and still get the same error. Everything is online. Not sure what happened. Suggestions?

  7. Hi, I have testing transdroid to connect to my NAS Synology application torrents:

    Download Station
    And rtorrent in seedbox, but I have two problems:

    I can connect good with transmission, but not connect to Download Station, I put the ip local, port, user, password, host, port for host… I not know how I have to do more. I can tell you a temporal host and user and password to test.

    I add five fedd RSS, but two feed RSS not work with transdroid, and hdcity.cli (hdcity need PID in the link and user and password), but trackerrpivado shoud be work only with this

    My Synolgoy DSM version is DSM beta 5.0, and like previous versions I think is needed in the address to connect /download, and I not know /download in the servers when show http://User@address:5000. I not think this isn’t the problem, but can be.

    Can you help me? I am looking an app like this that could connect o serveral torrent client and recommend to the users in specializated forums.


  8. With rutorrent I can’t access too, like Download Station. Where I have to put the rpc path?


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