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Thanks to some excellent contributions from the community (yay for open source!) a new version is available that brings some much requested additions. For rTorrent users Tom Briden made some additions such as deletion of data on removing a torrent, viewing labels (with ruTorrent’s plugin) and showing the real time a torrent was added. Also by him is a new filter feature for the main torrent lists. Finally, many thanks to all continues efforts form the translators. All languages have been updated.

Keep up the work everyone and the next version will be even better than this 1.1.10 release!

19 thoughts on “Community contributions”

  1. Kudos on the update…. Labels would make managing torrents a lot easier. I have been using transdroid for about 2 weeks now and while it’s been a breeze operating the app for most parts, there has been one nagging problem. Even after selecting ‘off’ option under priorities for selected files from a torrent, it still ends up downloading them whole. Don’t know if is something I am doing wrong or a bug in the app. Hoping you could help me with this. Thanks

  2. Thank you so much, Tom Briden. The “real time” of rTorrent file was the only thing I felt missing from a fantastic program. Same to you, Eric. Thanks a ton!

  3. I know this is probably a great version, but I’m not quite ready to update, and am annoyed that there is no way to turn on/off the auto-update-check service, which keeps spamming my status-bar. Could this be added as an option for future versions, if it isn’t already present in the lastest version?

    1. Yes, I should add that. Although to use that feature (disabling notifications) you would then need to update….

  4. Thanks for your great work guys! A suggestion I have would be to add Atom feed support for trackers with these feeds, would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks again!

  5. Excellent work these past few versions. My only minot complaint is to fix the server font text color from gray back to white. Or better yet custom colors

  6. Ah. That’s a bug. However, I’m working on a new version of the interface in which this should look much better. Hopefully a first beta of that will be available soon…


  7. Perfect app!

    But now when I have converted to Tixati Transdroid dosent work anymore.

    Hope you will add supporte for Tixati soon. 🙂


  8. Love the latest versions. And now that I have a tablet, I love the tablet view! one minor request. when adding a torrent, it would be great to give it a server folder. with rtorrent, i can give it a server folder and with the settings, it applies that folder as a label. then everything is nice and neat when i ftp into my seedbox. I’d love to see that.


  9. Today I was in a grocery store and I saw a movie I wanted to download, however I was in a hurry and didn’t get a to get a good look at . When I came home I forgot about it later. My idea is to chance a queue or an offline list that stores torrents until you can connect to “insert server here” and then automatically add them. Thanks for reading

    1. That works already. Add a torrent as normal — after it fails to add, choose the ‘Add later’ button. (You need the Alarm service enabled.) It will automatically be added (by the alarm service, so with the set up delay) when your server is up and running again.

      Of course if you have to internet access at all, I just recommend making a note on your device. 🙂

  10. I’ve been using Transdroid to remotely contol my Transmission client that resides on my OpenELEC / Raspberry Pi box. This app is nearly perfect and I’m not sure if the developers take requests very seriously, but it would be awesome if we had the option to download from rss feeds automatically. Is this possible? Thanks!

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