New site, new release

Welcome to Transdroid’s new website: Glad you have found your way. The application is getting better and better and is also attracting more and more users. To fit this growing interest and more mature image, the logical next step was for the application to get its own domain name. Thanks so much to Travis, who provided the domain registration and hosting. The old blog will be there for a little longer, but only on this site you’ll find the latest updates and user support. All old posts and comments are moved here too.

More interesting for you as a users is that a new Transdroid version was just released! Version 0.12.1 had some nice updates, most of which were requested by users themselves. So what’s new?

  • Vuze (previously called Azureus) support. The most-used torrent client that wasn’t yet supported. You will need the XML over HTTP plug-in enabled in Vuze.
  • Swipe to switch. Switching between your server configurations now is even easier. Just swipe – or fling – your finger from left to right or right to left to switch to the next or previous configuration. No need to open up the menu.
  • Support for local .torrent file uploads. You will need a compatible file manager, such as OI File Manager. Hit the ‘add local .torrent file’ button in the torrent add screen to install. Other file managers may work, such as aFile when using the Send to… command.
  • Deluge support updated. Transdroid’s Deluge support is based on the not yet released 1.2 version. In practice this means that you will always need the latest SVN version. Transdroid is updated to reflect the recent (security) updates and should work again.
  • Updated translations, now including Romanian.

Get the new version from the market or download directly. More coming up!

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