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Even though I try to update and improve Transdroid often, there is always more to add and make it even better. Of course I will keep doing this, but you can help as well. What can you do?


Transdroid is free and open-source. Anyone can download it form the Android market or even directly from the web. If you are a Twitter follower you can get beta version too. But if you feel it saves you time (and hence money), maybe you would like to donate some to support future Transdroid development? You are free to pay whatever you like. I do have to pay 30 cents transaction costs though, so please make the amount higher than that. 😉 Hit the large Donate button at the right.

Provide webspace

Maybe you can’t miss any money, but have some connections with web hosts? Transdroid still needs it own domain name (I believe is still free) and some web space with a small amount of bandwidth. PHP and MySQL supported will be needed, but that’s about it.

UPDATE: This is taken care of. Thanks!

Become a developer

Transdroid is open-source which means everyone is free to get the Android source code and start coding new features. I tried to build everything using clear and open coding standards and extensively commented. You don’t have to be an experienced Android developer, as it really is pretty much standard Java. So if you want to build some new torrent client support like Torrentflux, Vuze or whatever is to your liking; checkout the SVN and get coding.


I am a native Dutch speaker and quite apt in English as well, but that’s about it. Currently Transdroid is already offered in German, French, Spanish and Italian. You can help as well! Do you speak another language fluently or want to update one of the languages already supported (especially Italian is old)? It’s as simple as getting the strings.xml file from the source code site. Use the English original in the ‘values‘ directory if your language wasn’t supported yet. Just send the translation to me via e-mail or use the issue tracker.

UPDATE: I have just finished a tool to translate Transdroid right form your web browser, which can be found right here.

Icon and artwork

At the beginng of Transdroid’s development, only Transmisison was supported as a torrent client. Since then, support was extended to 5 6 different apps already. The icon never changed though: it is still the Transmission icon I snitched used back then. So if you are a good designer, why not draw some nice icon and maybe some artwork as well? I don’t have any concrete specs but I guess it should do something with Android’s droid, torrents and maybe ‘remote’.

UPDATE: Please post any artwork and icon you have here on the issue tracker. Transdroid already has a new icon! Without the droid…

Spread the word

If none of the above apply, you can always spread the word to your friends, collegues and all other Android users. Maybe post some praise on Twitter or your blog?

Thanks for any help. I will try to reward all effort with an even more complete, useful, stable and attractive torrent remote app.

7 thoughts on “Support Transdroid development”

  1. Ive got Transdroid running on Android HTC Hero, no problems so far. Let me know if theres anything specific you’d like me to test out.

  2. hello,

    i want to use transdroid on my htc hero but i cant get it working. I”ve put the correct settings in Utorrent for windows, but when i want to go to the site localhost, were it supposed to ask for your username and password it just cant connect. I hope someone can help me.

  3. when using it on my phone which is the samsung vibrant I get an error refreshing server. Any help would be great.

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