SeedM8 seedboxes

With the release of the (now already in beta) 0.20.1 release 0.21.0 release, Transdroid will offer a new partnership. SeedM8 offers inexpensive GBit seedbox hosting:

Since December 2007, SeedM8 has been providing users with ways to use the BitTorrent protocol to it’s full potential with unparalleled support and inexpensive solutions. Today, SeedM8 is one of the largest seedbox providers with over 375 members and 30+ servers. Our servers pack new stable processors with plenty of RAM and harddrive space to insure your files are getting to their peers. No waiting lines, no subscription requirements, no costly accounts, no weary privacy policies and no unfair agreements are what you are guaranteed with SeedM8.

Users of SeedM8 can start using Transdroid very easily: filling in your server, username and torrent client password(s) and you’re set! If you like, you can use all of Transmission, Deluge and rTorrent (with your RPC password) at once. See what the speed of SeedM8’s hosting can do with the magic of Transdroid: see the offered monthly plans.

Did I already say that Transdroid finally supports The Pirate Bay as in-app search site? 😉

4 thoughts on “SeedM8 seedboxes”

  1. Hi guys, great app! Just a quick one, I can’t see thepiratebay in my list of in app searchables, is this due to market testing? Should I be using the apk version?

  2. Nice App, like it a lot.

    When downloading xxMB of yyMB (xx% /left) and time left overlay each other in portrait mode, a 2nd line would solve this.

  3. I just got the app and it always tells me I cant connect to servers. Where can I find the ui settings on my droid x?

  4. Hi everyone! I just started using this phone and have no idea how get this app work.
    Can anyone please send me an email at I’m a beginner so I don’t have any idea how to fill up settings. Thank you for your attention.

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