8 tips you did not know

Everybody that Transdroid uses knows how to start, stop, add and remove torrents. It is of great convenience to manage your torrents while away form home. But Transdroid has some nifty features that you probably didn’t even knew about. Here are some tips on getting even more out of your Transdroid install:

  1. Swipe to switch Do you have multiple servers configured in Transdroid? Many people do, like keeping a config for home Wi-Fi connections. You can switch between server configurations via the menu, but it’s easier to swipe. Just make a right-to-left (or left-to-right) motion to switch to the next (or previous) config. Want to switch using the server list? Tap the active server bar at the top of the screen.
  2. Restricting transfer rates If your server is overloaded with traffic, you might want to restrict the bandwidth usage on your torrents. The ‘Set transfer rates’ menu option allows you to set both maximum upload and download rates. Want easy access? Tap the status bar at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Filter-while-typing A feature that is a bit hidden and probably only for users of Android devices with keyboards: filter-while-typing. In any list in Transdroid (say, the main screen) you can start typing to filter the shown list. Looking to remove one torrent from your huge list? Type the first letters and you’ll find it quickly.
  4. Active transfer filtering If you have many torrents running, it sometimes is easier to consider only actively transferring torrents as active instead of those that are not paused. Choosing ‘Filter list -> Only transferring (> 0KB/s)’. Started torrents that have an upload and download rate of 0KB/s will show up in the ‘inactive’ torrent list.
  5. Barcode scanner I am still not sure how useful it is, but many users have requested it: a barcode scanner that starts torrent searches. Any barcode is translated to an (EAN or UPC) code that is translated into a search query. I believe it works surprisingly well with some results filtering and string magic. 🙂 Accessable via ‘Add -> Scan barcode’.
  6. Auto-refresh If you are connected on local Wi-Fi or have a stable connection, you might want Transdroid to automatically refresh the torrent screen. Choose ‘Settings -> Interface settings ->Refresh interval’ to set how often it auto-refreshes.
  7. In-app search switching Did your query not show satisfactory torrent results? You can switch between the in-app search providers easily using the menu. And left-to-right swiping works here as well.
  8. File-level priorities To be honest: this feature isn’t even released officially yet, but from the next version onwards you can set priorities on a file level. Open the details screen of an active torrent and view the file listing. Long-pressing allows you to adjust a file’s priority or disable its downloading at all. As with search result, you can use the checkbox to perform actions for many at once.

Any tips you want to share yourself? Feel free to leave your comments here.

15 thoughts on “8 tips you did not know”

  1. I didn’t realize that Transdroid had “filter-while’typing’. This is pretty great.

    And for devices without physical keyboards, holding down the “Menu” key will bring up the virtual keyboard (works system-wide), so you can use ‘filter-while-typing’ even on devices without a physical keyboard. (Holding “Menu” again will hide the keyboard, as will the “Back” button.)

    1. I’n not sure what you expect. If the AQ code contains a link that ends with .torrent, Transdroid should already be started when ‘opening’ this link.

  2. I have no experience with this kind of device. If it runs any of the supported torrent clients under the hood, Transdroid may work. Do you know what torrent client/library these Popcorn Hour devices use?

  3. I have a synology DS209 with DSM3.0 installed. transmission is running fine and web ui is accessible through the browser on my PC.
    I installed Transdroid and was very impressed with what it can do.
    But here’s the thing — I haven’t been able to add torrents through RSS, and I can’t seem to find any answers throughout the internet.
    So, Eric, would you be so kind and tell me if it just happened to me, or there is something missing in this release?
    Thanks a million 🙂
    Oh, and this is one of my favorite android apps so far:-)

  4. how can i view individual torrent details i.e. tracker etc? if not available, will it be in the next coming version?

  5. what should I enter in the menu settings of transdroid?how to add a new server?can anyone give me the server details

  6. First off a huge thank you to Eric. I would gladly pay for this full featured app.

    For those using a Popcorn Hour you will connect to the Transmission service running on it. Google for help and you can also use a firefox plugin called Autotrans to add torrents to you Transmission service.

    Ideally you should update your Transmission service to the latest edition. Again, Google that.

  7. Hello. This is great app, must to have for me 🙂 but I love to gave one more thing, upload restricting for each downloaded torrent file.

  8. great app! use it off my dell streak to manage my buffalo nas embedded torrent client

    came on here to mention if a force start option could be included! – just found it, didnt know it was there – superb – thank you!!!!!!!

  9. The Barcode scanner does not and has not worked on the last 4 versions, I have scanned so many CD’s & DVD’s and nothing, the scanner closes and the program just sits there.

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