Meet Transdroid

This is the blog for Transdroid: a Transmission bittorrent client for Android. What?

Transmission is a bittorrent application that is easy, fast and free. It runs on Linux and Mac, and is the default torrent client on Ubuntu. It can run as stand-alone application, but more interesting as a daemon on a server that allows access via a web interface and other remote applications.

Google Android is an open platform for mobile devices. Currently the T-Mobile G1 is the only publically available Andforid-powered phone (apart from the ADP for developers), but more are coming. It is a direct competitor to Apple’s iPhone.

Meet Transdroid
Transdroid is a remote client for your Transmission daemon running on a server. It can show the active torrents, pause, resume or remove them and new torrents can be added via URL or as an extra via an isoHunt-powered search.

The application is currently in development. It is open-source and free. The developer website is at At the moment a beta version can be downloaded, but expect bugs to pop up.

For now, let’s conclude with some screen shots:

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