Better views at your torrents

The latest and greatest Transdroid has just been released to the market, which mostnotably comes with an options to filter your torrents per status. Four views are available with a simple button press, which will filter the torrent list for a better overview of what is going on. There is still a main view showing all your torrents, but you can also choose to only display downloading, seeding or inactive torrents.

The new main views per torrent status
The new main views per torrent status

Hope you like this new feature. If you have other ideas on how to Transdroid, feel free to leave a comment, or even open an issue for it.

Multi-server support

Not only was support for multiple servers a personal nice-to-have, but it was also requested by some of the Transdroid users. So I finally had the time to build this very nice feature, which is in the newly released 0.10.1. It is now very easy to switch between set-ups. One of the main benefits: when you come how and connect to your local WiFi, a simple tap on your LAN server configuration is enough to connect to your torrent app again. Here are some screenshots of the new functionality:

The new preferences screen shows all server configurations
The new preferences screen shows all server configurations
Switching between server configurations is easy
Switching between server configurations is easy

And have you noticed that you can now not only search isoHunt, but BTJunkie and Mininova as well? I will build a web search feature in the near future.

New sites available, all with search results right inside Transdroid
New sites available, all with search results right inside Transdroid

Oh, and the nasty widget bug is also solved in this release. Sorry for any inconvience this may have caused. Hope the new features make up for it. 🙂

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A quick overview of the Transdroid widget

Today I released the 0.9.0 version of Transdroid. It includes some bugfixes and an update for the Deluge daemon, but most importantly it now has a home screen widget.

It shows the status of all torrents combined: how many are downloading, at which speed and how long will it take to finish them all? The number of uploads and inactive torrents are shown as well. Finally, the Transdroid icon opens Transdroid and a refresh button is provided. To not drain your battery, the data is only updated when requested manually. Hope you like this brand new feature!

A side notice: since app widgets are Cupcake (Android 1.5) only, this is now the minimum required version. If you have any troubles with this, please let me know. Older versions are always available for download.

The user is always right

Le client est roi. The Transdroid userbase is still growing on a daily basis, having thousands of active installs on Android devices all over the world. But since there is always room for improvement, I regularly get new feature requests in the issue tracker. Although not all of them can be implemented, I am still trying to build in as much as possible. Most of the updates since my last ‘features’ blog post actually came from user requests. Here are the ones that made it to the new version:

  • rTorrent support (request 7)
  • Search term history (requested in a Market comment)
  • Starting and stopping of torrents, supported by uTorrent and rTorrent (request 11)
  • .torrent file uploads (currently only for Transmission) to handle password-protected torrent sites (request 29)
  • French and Italian translations (want to help? mail me a translated strings.xml)
  • Reverse sort order (requested in a Market comment)

Any requests yourself? Just submit them to the issue tracker! More to come.

Android remote torrent client comparison

UPDATE: I updated the feature table to reflect newer versions of the applications. (24 August 2010)

For some time now, there are four apps on the market that allow you to control your active torrents remotely. So how does Transdroid relate to its three competitors? Droiddog released a nice video review on all four. He tells only about the basic features, but thinks Transdroid and Torrent-Fu are the winners.

What he didn’t cover was the difference in features that the apps have. I have made a little feature comparison table for that. Hope I didn’t leave out any (let me know).

Transdroid Torrent-Fu BarTor Torrent Droid
Website here here here here
Price Free (FOSS) Free $1.49 £1.00
Client support
Multiple profiles Yes Yes No Yes
uTorrent/BitTorrent Yes Yes Yes Yes
Transmission Yes Yes No No
Vuze/Azereus Yes No Yes Yes
KTorrent Yes No Yes No
rTorrent Yes No No No
Deluge Yes (1.2+) No No No
Torrentflux-b4rt Yes No No No
Searching and adding
In-app search Yes Yes Yes No
Torrent sites 9 2 1 Browser-only
Barcode scanning Yes Yes Yes Yes
Add via browser Yes Yes Yes Yes
Add local .torrent Yes No No Yes
In-app listing Yes Yes No No
In-app management Yes Yes No Web-UI
Individual files Yes No No No
RSS feeds Yes No No No
Widget Yes No No No
Alarm service Yes No No No