Awesome Dediseedbox support

newpnglogoI am very happy to announce a new partnership with Dediseedboxes. Not only do they offer blazingly fast seedboxes, which I can highly recommend, Transdroid now offers native support to set them up. Just enter your host, user name and password, and you’re good to go!

Also new in the latest version are some bugfixes, notably the widget that works again. Sorry for that!

Did I already say that a seedbox is a super secure and fast way to torrent? Seriously, check out the Dediseedboxes website.

26 thoughts on “Awesome Dediseedbox support”

    1. I am! They are a long term supporter and I love their seedboxes. Happy user myself!Dediseedboxes is just a new supporter of Transdroid: the more the merrier.

  1. Hey, love this app. But is it possible to add “Unpack” option on .rar files (.r01)? Of course with option to what folder

  2. Did something change on the DediSeedBox integration? I have my transdroid hooked up to DediSeed Box, and I can view a list of current downloads going on, but I am unable to add an item (torrent) from the transdroid search. When I search for something, and then click on it to download it on my seedbox I get an “Error during communication, check your connection” message at the bottom. I have a connection as I’m able to view a list of active downloads, but just cannot add anything from my phone.

    1. I am having the same issue, cannot upload or download to phone. plus the auto configuration does not connect at all, had to manually configure the connection

  3. I’m having the same issue as Jason P and John. Have a dediseedbox, added server using the built in settings, and it shows up and everything. But I get that same ‘error during communication’ message if I try to add a torrent, either through RSS or pasting the URL.

  4. I had the same issue. Then it started to automatically close itself and got an error saying transdroid has suddenly stopped. Had to remove and reinstall and it keeps doing the same thing after I put all the info in.

    1. You probably made a mistake entering the info. Of course Transdroid should not crash (I will try to fix that) but check if all the inputs are correct. No trailing spaces, the host name or ip should only contain that (no port or anything).

  5. I don’t seem to have any search capabilities exposed in the interface (i.e. no magnifying search icon is shown). I see torrents and can manage/manipulate the torrents, but can’t perform any searches for torrents. I did confirm that ruTorrent 3.7 search is working via a web browser connection. Should the search icon be displayed in the app? Or is there another way to perform searches?


    1. Nevermind. I removed transdrone and transdroid, reinstalled transdroid and search is now being exposed. Thanks for a great product – working well for me now.

  6. May I ask, is it possible to include “stop all” & “start all” torrent feature? Or is it already included, just I couldn’t find?
    Thank you

    1. You may select a torrent by long-pressing it and then use the top selection box to select all (or just finished) torrents. then you can perform any type of operations on all of them simultaneously.

  7. Article shows, “Transdroid not offers native support to set them up” and should be, “Transdroid now offers native support to set them up”. I think you made a typo 😉

  8. Eric, last week I opened tTorrent Pro as usual and hit the search function. It said my transdroid was out of date ( using 3.5 ) I then hit update. Went thru the update process. Hit search again, same thing, said I needed update. I’m in limbo. Help. I’ve been using for past year or two with some updates but always worked after. Now keeps asking me to update every time I attempt to sesrch…help.
    Thanks so much.

  9. I can’t seem to get transdroid to add a torrent. I have rtorrent on a dediseedbox. I can view my torrents and control them, but I can’t add them. Any suggestions?

  10. This has yet to work for me, when trying to connect to my dediseedbox I constantly get a message that says “error during communication, please check your connection” as far as I know all information is correct, Samsung Galaxy s7 T-Mobile.

  11. Hi there, very nice application.
    Is it possible to move the circle button (+) on a place already holding buttons like the … top toolbar rather than having it in the way ?
    Great thanks !

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